CrestPMS – Powerful Project Management System

Hi Friends, I was surfing around for project management system for my company and I came across CrestPMS. I must share this post as I like the features of CrestPMS not because I have purchased subscription but it’s a mixture of many project management systems. With so, they fulfill my multiple requirement in one system/subscription and that too in half…

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Google Begun Mobile-first Indexing Experiments

Google have desktop index, but now it starts mobile first indexing. Googlebot crawled website with Desktop user agent and created desktop index based on Desktop site, but after mobile first indexing it will crawl website with mobile user agent and will create mobile index.If you only have desktop site, Google will still crawl it but ranking might affect.

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These days Technology is changing our lives and business very fast and to make business successful available data of business must be very well structured, So it can be used to extract information and collecting different data to analyze and produce best results and make business successful. Logmatic is A powerful Event and Log Management Platform available online. helps…

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WordPress Delete Unused Entries wp_usermeta Table

Hi, WordPress have wp_users table to have main information but to save all other information related to users save to wp_usermeta, Sometime wp_usermeta have lots of entries/data which are not related to anyone and because of this size of table continuously increases, So better is to delete unused entries from wp_usermeta table to decrease load on database table.

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WordPress 3.7 Named Count Basie Released To Public

Hi Friends, WordPress is very famous CMS before it was known as blogging platform but because of its usability and different plugin now WordPress is using as CMS and also for e Commerce site. WordPress always improve its CMS by releasing new update and main thing about WordPress is it is very easy to update your WordPress version to latest…

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Solution Of Redirect To Homepage WordPress

Hello Friends,When I was working on a new project of a client(I am WordPress Freelancer India , So I am always working on many WordPress projects and share my experience, issues and solution of issues on my blog.) and installed some plugin and after installing when I clicked on submit button to save changes I did on setting page of…

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WordPress Add Class To Parent Menu Item Or Add Arrows To Parent Menu Item

Hello Friends, WordPress provides many things which can be done by anyone even who don’t have technical knowledge by simple functions and plugins like using widgets, custom menus,, custom post types etc.. But it is obvious that even after giving too much flexibility by WordPress many clients or user found some things which can’t be done easily by plugins or…

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