Solution Of Redirect To Homepage WordPress

Hello Friends,When I was working on a new project of a client(I am WordPress Freelancer India , So I am always working on many WordPress projects and share my experience, issues and solution of issues on my blog.) and installed some plugin and after installing when I clicked on submit button to save changes I did on setting page of a plugin to change some settings it redirected me to home page of website, So clicking on submit button redirecting to homepage of site.

So this problem was new to me and I was 99% sure that this problem was either came from .htaccess rules or some plugins. So my first step was going to settings > Permalinks and click on save button, So it will regenerate .htaccess rules. Then I again checked but that redirect to home page error was still there. So now its time to deactivate plugins one by one.

First I thought It might be issue with permalinks plugins like custom permalinks, Redirect 301 etc.. So I deactivate it and deleted from system but still that redirect error not solved, So I started deactivating plugin one by one and at last I found plugin which was creating issues.

Culprit plugin was WordPress Firewall or it might be Firewall 2 plugin in your case, So these 2 plugins was redirecting site to home page on click of submit button and simple deactivate it and Your site will start working normally.

I try to figure out why these plugin was creating this type of problem but believe me I didn’t get too much time because was working with project and needed to complete it asap, So I submit this issue to plugin author. I will update you When I will know why this issue occurred because of these plugins.

I hope this post will solve your issue and your time, If you have any suggestion or any other solution you can post in comment I will add it to post under your name.