WordPress 3.7 Named Count Basie Released To Public

Hi Friends, WordPress is very famous CMS before it was known as blogging platform but because of its usability and different plugin now WordPress is using as CMS and also for e Commerce site. WordPress always improve its CMS by releasing new update and main thing about WordPress is it is very easy to update your WordPress version to latest version for your site without any hassling. So WordPress has just released new version WordPress 3.7 which is named as Count Basie.

wordpress 3.7

Mostly when WordPress released any new version there are lots of big and small new things and improvements released with it, So with this version WordPress have added some new features too, these are some new features added to WordPress 3.7 Version :

1. Auto updates maintenance and security updates : Now WordPress will automatically updates maintenance and security updates and you don’t have to do it manually, So by this features WordPress increase your blog security and decrease chances to hack your blog.

2. A password meter to define strong password for your site : Password is main important thing for your website, So WordPress 3.7 incorporate a new password meter to define strong password for users.

3. Improved Search Results : WordPress 3.7 also improved search to give to more improved search results.

4. Added Better Global Support : Now WordPress 3.7 provide better global support and its background update will include translations as well as localized version will get faster and more complete translations.

Apart from this there are lots of other small updates which you can check it here. In this version WordPress tried to give you more security by automatic background updates, So it is must that you update your each website to latest WordPress 3.7 version.