CrestPMS – Powerful Project Management System

Hi Friends,

I was surfing around for project management system for my company and I came across CrestPMS. I must share this post as I like the features of CrestPMS not because I have purchased subscription but it’s a mixture of many project management systems. With so, they fulfill my multiple requirement in one system/subscription and that too in half of price of each. So overall, I got it at 80% discounted price of what total of all other systems.

I am using CrestPMS [ ] since last 30 days and I started getting productivity from my team and also I am able to generate 10 leads every month using their marketing module.

Few of the interesting top 10 features I would like to give overview with you.

#1 Powerful Time Tracking

They have time tracking system with screenshots and keyboard/mouse clicks of employees. So we come to know who works on what while working from home in these Covid19 situation. Time Doctor provide this with $10 per user while CrestPMS provide this with just $4 per user along with all other features.

#2 Auto ClockOut

Employee will be clocked out automatically if he/she is idle for more than 5 minutes. Solid benefit to me as people usually doing other work while working from home.

#3 Auto Payroll & Leaves

Auto calculate attendance and one click payroll generator. It calculates leaves and all. My HR is able to process salary part in just less than 1 hour which was usually more than 5 days with attendance machine and manual calculations.

#4 One Click Employee Documents

One click employee documents like offer letter, appointment letter, salary slip, relieving letter etc. HR saves at least 20 hours per month using this one click documents.

#5 Employee Performance Report

One of the finest Employee Performance Report I have seen till date. They are showing report of employee with their working days vs present days, working hours vs actual hours, spent cost vs actual revenue, completed projects vs overdue projects, break time, late coming, help taken, help given and many more. All data will be on yearly, monthly and daily.

#6 Project Budget Report

They have configured employee daily hours spent on each project with their salary and generate reports. This will give me clear idea about individual performance, what profit I was expected per project and what profit I am getting actual. Very very nice project budget report with Budget Income, Actual Income, Expected Profit and Actual profit for each project.

#7 Auto Campaign & Follow ups

They have excellent marketing module. You can create email campaign with upto 1 year auto follow ups. You just need to either set up your SMTP or configure SendGrid API key, rest will be automatic. You just need to manage the campaign, unsubscribe the emails if negative response and convert to lead if positive response.

#8 Leads Management

Very nice Leads management system where you can manage leads notes, quotes, and future reminder which will alert you in email for future date. Even you can do follow up from the Leads section directly. It will have all follow up history as well.

#9 Resume Builder

They have very nice resume builder which can help your sales team to quickly generate resume with one click and send to potential leads in 5 minutes.

#10 Invoice Management

Quick invoice generation in PDF format. You can easily clone invoice for repeated work. Also you will have auto reminder if some work done under any client’s projects and you didn’t generate invoice. It will also alert you if invoice is not paid in defined time.

Video Tutorials

They have video tutorials for each section on their official YouTube channel.

Let’s take a tour to the features of CrestPMS.

#1 PMS

This section has sub sections as below.

  • Clients
  • Employees
  • Projects
    • Milestones
    • Todos
    • Ratings & Reviews
    • Discussions
    • Files
    • Project Bugs
  • Employee Sheets
  • Timesheets
  • Milestone Calendar
  • Over Time Requests
  • Real Time ClockIns
  • Employee Availability
  • Reports
  • Bulk Updates

#2 Invoices

This section has sub sections as below.

  • Clients
  • Settings
    • Countries
    • Currencies
    • Billing Infos
  • Invoices
  • TDS Transactions

#3 BD

This section has sub sections as below.

  • Leads
    • Notes
    • Reminders
    • Quotes
    • Milestones
  • Portfolios
  • Tech Portfolio
  • Resumes
  • Resume Template
  • Targets
  • Collections

#4 HR

This section has sub sections as below.

  • Openings
    • Jobs
    • Candidates
  • Employees
  • Salary
    • Attendances
    • Payrolls
  • Leaves
  • Holidays
  • Working Days
  • Documents
  • Employee Transactions

#5 Marketing

This section has sub sections as below.

  • Templates
    • Header Templates
    • Footer Templates
    • Email Templates
  • Email Directory
    • Email Groups
    • Email Data
  • Smart Emails
  • Auto Campaigns
  • SMTP Settings
  • Import/Export
  • Reports

#6 Settings

This section has sub sections as below.

  • Site Settings
  • General Settings
  • Permissions
  • Notifications
  • Computers
  • Accessories
  • Announcements
  • Follow-ups Content
  • Manage Admins
  • Resume Template
  • User Activity
  • Build Links

#7 Reports

  • Numbers Analysis
  • Employee Basic Report
  • Employee Daily Report
  • Employee Report Card
  • Employee Rating Report
  • Employee Late Come/More Break Report
  • Employee TDS Report

They are offering 14 days trial period. Here is their official site. You need to sign up with your company email. They are not allowing Gmail or Yahoo emails.
Sign up today and get started your free trial.

Overall, I would rate a lot more to CrestPMS compare to other products. It’s very reasonable price with just $4 per user compare to features they are offering. If you calculate total cost of the features they have, it might end up at $30 per user if you combine 4-5 systems.