Free Online India Classifieds Advertising

Hi Friends, If you are searching for India Classifieds,Free classifieds in India, Classified ads in India, Online Classified Advertising then there are many classifieds but not all provide best online classifieds advertising in free. Today I am going to write about best indian classifieds website which provide you free classified ads for selling, buying, trading, discussing products. There are lots of shopping center providing you lots of products for many brands but these days online shopping is bit crazier then real world shopping because it is easy to shop,less value than shopping market, you get product at home without going to anywhere and there are lots of other reason related to products people like to do online shopping.

So as we all know that online shopping is increased too much, So because of this there are lots of other online shopping website(for selling and buying products) launching everyday. these website are not providing only local products but they provide products from branded companies too. But these days when everyday about four thousand for online stores are launching we came to know that lots of fraud cases about products and money are increasing while purchasing from online stores. So we can’t believe on all online stores or classifieds for selling and buying products. We have to be very careful from selecting such type of online sites. There are lots of website but if you ask me I would suggest you which is one of best free online Indian classified website which is trustworthy and safe to buy and sell your products online.


This website has lots of advantages if you use it as buyer or seller, First it is trustworthy and it is used by lots of people already, Second it is having lots of categories to find product easily you want to purchase or sell, Third it is free and you don’t have to pay a penny to post your product in this site to sell, Fourth you can design your ads easily with pictures to attract more sellers or buyers,Fifth these days lots of people are accessing sites through mobile so this site easily accessible by mobile so any buyer or seller can use it from their mobile easily, Sixth it is available in different languages so user can use site in his own language, Seventh it is having subdomains for mostly all cities to categorize ads city wise So users can find their products in own city to buy easily. You can just believe this site by fact that it was established in 2006 and in this short period of time it is used in over 105 countries and available in 40 languages.

One of best this of this website is after posting ads, it is providing different tools to embed our ads on website and blogs, So it increases chances of selling or buying products.This site is having good presence on social network and also on search engines. It is having more than 1 million fan following on Facebook. is already exists in top 10 website for online classifieds but I think they are not satisfied and want to grow up on large base so no one can compete them, You can see their funny TV advertising to reach lots of people across the country, you also can see that ad below :