Best Free Tools To Check Website In Different Screen Resolution

These day responsive design is very famous for website, Responsive design means a design which adopt any browser resolution and work properly in any resolution. There are lots of online tutorials there to make responsive design for website. Now after creating website we need to check website in different resolution to check that it is properly responsive for all screen resolutions or not and you know without testing we can’t say that it will work in each resolution properly, So in this article I am going to mention some good online free tools website by which we can check created website in each resolution.

1. Quirktools Screenfly : Good website to check your responsive website in Desktop, Tablet, Mobile and Television. For each option it is providing lots of other sub options, For example for Desktop it provide you different screen resolution of netbook, notebook and Desktops same for tablets, mobile and television. It is nice website to test your website for different resolutions.

2. Screen Resolution Simulator By InfoByIP : This is very simple and effective tool to test your website in different screen resolution. It provides you different desktop and laptop resolutions 1920×1200 1680×1050 1600×1200 1440×900 1366×768 1280×1024 1280×800 1280×768 1152×864 1024×768 800×600 , Tablet resolutions: 800×1280 768×1024 and High-end phone resolutions: 640×960 360×640 320×480 320×396 240×320. In this tool you can just click on resolution and test your site easily.

3. Resize My Browser : This tool gives you options of different resolutions on home page and when you click on resolutions it will resize your browser accordingly if it will not resize and disable then it will open a pop-up browser and resize it. It provide option to create new preset of resolutions So you can create a new resolutions dimensions if your needed resolution is not exists.

4. Test Size : This tool give you same functionality like others. You can enter your link in a text box and then select your screen resolution and click submit, it will show your website in a iframe by resizing it to your screen resolution. This tool also give you facility to add new preset of dimension to check your website in a new resolution.

5. Web Page Screen Resolution Simulator By WebConfs : Just like others enter link and then select resolution from given options and it will show website in selected resolution. No option to create new presets.

6. Resolution Tester By WebesTools : This tool give you a good option for testing method in Window or iFrame. For High Resolutions you must use iFrame. This tool also provide you to create new presets of screen resolution.

So I have explained all free screen resolution tools by which you can test your website responsiveness in all types of resolutions.May be there are other free tools available which are also doing same job but in great manner, if you know any tool like this, just post it in comment, I will add it along with your name.