8 Websites And WordPress Plugins Which Tweets Blog Posts Automatically

Hello Friends, There are so many sites, software, API to send tweets to Twitter but today I am going here to list wesites which tweets your blog posts automatically when you any new post on your blog. This websites take your feedurl and then tweet latest post submitted to your authenticated twitter account. I found 8 websites and wordpress plugins which provide this type of service listed below. If you know any other website which provide this type of service then post it in comment I will include it in this list.

1. Feedburner.comFeedburner is popularly known because of its RSS Feed installation and management. You can add your twitter account to it’s sharing options.

– Sign in Feedburner

– Go to Publicize tab, and from left column, choose “Socialize”.

– On the right, Click Add Twitter Account, and let the OAuth connect to your twitter account, “Allow” the access when asked on twitter page.

– When redirected back to feedburner page, Save the settings.

FeedBurner Twitter
FeedBurner Twitter

2. Twitterfeed.com Twitterfeed is a service that will automatically twitter any post that you publish on your blog. It Offers to tweet the last posts published in a blog via the RSS feed.

TwitterFeed AutoTweet Config
TwitterFeed AutoTweet Config

3. RSS2Twitter.com RSS2twitter works almost like twitterfeed but here you can use one RSS feed with multiple twitter accounts as well. You can use custom title and prefix to you twitter updates.Just sign up and add your RSS feed details. Twitter account will be connected through secure OAuth method.

4. TwitMe – is a WordPress plugin which allows us to Tweet our blog posts on Twitter automatically even without pressing any button.Your blog posts will arrive to people while they are walking the streets.Some of the features I have noticed on TwitMe are:

– It allows us to tweet blog posts on Twitter automatically when they published.

– It gives us the opportunity to tweet blog posts when they edited.

– It allows us to integrate Twitter account with Google Map. With this we can analyze our followers with geographical location.

TwitMe allows us to send the automatic direct massage(DM) to the new followers when they follow us.

– No need to login on Twitter in future.TwitMe allows operating Twitter account from the admin panel of your Blog. This feature works like all the features on Twitter account.

5. FeedNest.comFeedNest is good an rather simpler in sign up process, but beside your Feed URL you would also have to give both your twitter username and password. Removal of your account from FeedNest can be done from the home page easily.

6. WordTwit WordPress PluginWordTwit keeps track of when you publish new posts, and automatically informs all followers by pushing out a Twitter tweet. All links are automatically converted to tiny URLs to save space. Most users see a substantial increase in blog traffic after tweeting their posts on a frequent basis.

7. Su.prSu.pr is short URL service by Stumble Upon, It tracks all short URL statistics and also post tweets directly to twitter and also post to facbook by authenticating account one time. By this we can send auto tweets to configured twitter account by setting up blog RSS feed. You can set RSS feed by going to setting and then “RSS to Twitter & Facebook” section. You can set maximum 5 RSS feeds. So whenever you post new things on blog it automatically tweet blog post to twitter account as well as facebook account by using su.pr as short url service.

Su.pr Configure Feed URL for auto tweets
Su.pr Configure Feed URL for auto tweets

8. Socialoomph.com

I have tried to include all services which gives facility to post tweets automatically blog post but in case i forgot any good service then post it in comments. I will include it in this list under your name.