Integration of Google Map in Websites (PHP,dot net,Java etc)

Hello friends I m a Web Developer so i want to share my knowledge with you.We all know about Google Map, now if you want to integrate Google Map in your website or in your client website then i m giving you some tips about Google map integration in website (PHP,.NET,Java etc).

To integrate Google Map in Website then firstly you have one API key,from this API key you can use Google Map in your website. This API key is Unique for every website (this API key working for all subdirecories in a website,So always use Root directory to get API key ) , so here is the link to generate API key for Google Map. (Click here to Generate API key for Google Map).Now you can check Google Map Documentation for integration in Google Map in can find all things in this Documentation but But now if you wana some more Stuffs in Google Map like Position Overview,Markers on places,Zoom,Double Click Zoom,To here from Here direction,Markers with info windows,Tabbed Info WIndows,Custom Zoom Slider,Context menus and also Adding your own custom map with examples then i know one more website link which have this all stuffs with simple and sweet examples.You can understand this all examples easily and also you can integrate in your website. (Click here for Google Map integration in Website Tutorial)
If you have any problem in Google Map you can contact me, I will try my best to help you in Google Map.

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