EXE in PHP (Make Executable or Make Desktop Application in PHP)

Hello Friends,I m a web developer and i always use PHP as web scripting server side language but before some days when i found that now it is possible to make EXE in PHP means now you can make Executable or make Desktop application by PHP. Isn’t it Great?

There are many complier available on web by which you can create EXE in PHP.

This program runs through dos and windows only,I don’t know About Linux.If you want to make Executable in PHP then firstly download PHP EXE Compiler/Embedder from Here.Try to explain you some more things about this.

1. First Download zip from Here.

2. Now unzip it and open Command prompt and then go to its directory. 3. Start > run… ‘cmd’
4. Use the “cd..” command to change directory. 5. Place PHP script to be compiled next to bamcompile.exe (same directory)
6. in the cmd prompt, at that directory, type:
ex: “bamcompile test.php”
“bamcompile -c test.php” gives compression.
-e:something.dll allows a DLL to be embedded

Readymade examples are given in Zipped files which you have downloaded,just try it out.

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