Hi Friends, MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) as name suggests it is used while sending email attachments mostly. Each file extension have mime types, there are lots of file extensions and its mime types, If you want to see mime types for any new file extension then you can grab it here.

PHP is a very popular language and most websites are made in PHP rather than the traditional html. Classifieds sites are fastest growing websites in couple of years. There are two types of classified scripts available on internet. Free Classifieds and paid classifieds.Classifieds scripts are used to create a beautiful classifieds or listings. Using this … Read more

Hi Friends, Today I am going to explain you how to connect to FTP or how can we connect to FTP via PHP functions to perform some manipulations on files like copy file exists in one server to local server etc. My requirements was I have to connect to one FTP program via php functions … Read more

Hello Friends, In this post I will explain you how to load data file which data is separated by one separator (, or | or -) in database table by only single mysql query. Some days ago I was working on one project in which I have to fetch one data feed from other server … Read more

Hello Friends, In this article I am showing you that how can you find that cURL is installed / enabled on your server or not. First of all some words about cURL. cURL a library created by Daniel Stenberg, that allows you to connect and communicate to many different types of servers with many different … Read more

Hello friends, we all know about Gmail but what if you can use your Yahoo! mail as ymail ? Are you thinking that is it possible? Yes it is possible because some days ago I have read announcement from Yahoo! About their new Ymail.com and rocketmail.com domain. This domain have all the facilities that Yahoo.com … Read more

Hello friends I m a Web Developer so i want to share my knowledge with you.We all know about Google Map, now if you want to integrate Google Map in your website or in your client website then i m giving you some tips about Google map integration in website (PHP,.NET,Java etc).

Hello Friends,you can find many web hosting services which provides you free web hosting services.But many web hosting services not working properly.Sometimes they have problems in Server or problems in mysql or another problems like maintenance.But i have three best hosting services which are working properly 99.9% perfectly and give you best result in FTP … Read more

Hello Friends,I m a web developer and i always use PHP as web scripting server side language but before some days when i found that now it is possible to make EXE in PHP means now you can make Executable or make Desktop application by PHP. Isn’t it Great? There are many complier available on … Read more