CodeLobster Best PHP Edition Tool

Codelobster PHP edition tool will organize and simplifies php development process.Codelobster PHP edition tool is the strongest yet very easy to use editor.It is available as free and paid and very handy editor.Its basic mean is to create quick and easy to use and edit PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript files with support Drupal,CMS,Joomla CMS,smarty template engine and word press bogging platform.Its latest version has launched recently on 16th august which is full of features and attributes. like it will highlight different types of codes separately like PHP, HTML, Javascript, CSS etc.Version 4.3 also includes auto completion for tags,attributes of current tag,closing tag etc.

So Let us take a brief look at the features and attributes.

1). Code Highlighting
In this feature it willl highlight all the codes like PHP,HTML,Javascript,CSS separately in the active editor window.

2). Code collapsing
This feature is very useful to collapse the unused code or the code on which we are not working currently tyo make the navigation little bit easier.

3). HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP auto complete
with the use of this feature we can automatically complete of tags,attributes of
current tag or closing this one pop-up window will appear with both opening
and closing tags so we can to the coding faster.

In Css auto complete it will style property names and values.
-> In Javascript autocomplete it will autocomplete keywords,DOM
elements and their properties.

In PHP autocomplete it includes wide range of ccode completion
tags,variables,functions,constants and keywords.

4). HTML/CSS code inspector

You can find elements with the mouse. While your work with pages in HTML/CSS
Code Inspector HTML code and corresponded styles are displayed when the mouse
is placed over any page object.

5). PHP debugger

PHP debugger is a process to run a particular PHP code.we have to set values in this
tool like Virtual folder,Virtual host url,path to PHP.inai,server etc.

6). Contaxt and Dynamic Help

In contaxt help you just have to press F1 key by pointing to that element.and you
can get help to that particular topic.and in dynamic help it will displays links releted
to that particular topic.

7). Pair Highlighting
This feature is used to highlight trags in pair.

8). Tooltip
Enables you to view values of variables marked with a mouse cursor,
Tooltips for images and colors.images tooltip will preview images value with its size.

9). Navigation by holding ctrl key
By holding ctrl key we can open target files,link,image tags,background
Attributes and php functions.

CodeLobster PHP Edition supports projects and comes with a customizable interface this is what codelobster is with all its features in brief.

Apart from this in Professional version many plugins available for this editor, These plugins are very useful because while making code it automatically suggest functions in a dropdown. For example if we use cakePHP plugin then while making code in cakePHP it will automatically show cakephp function, properties in dropdown. By using plugin we can make code fast and errorless. So codelobster professional version also useful for programmers. Below are plugin list available for codelobster :

– CakePHP plug-in
– CodeIgniter plug-in
– Drupal plug-in
– Facebook plug-in
– JQuery plug-in
– Joomla plug-in
– Smarty plug-in
– Symfony plug-in
– WordPress plug-in
– Yii plug-in