BullGuard Internet Security – Best Internet Security Software

In this internet world there are many types of cyber crimes and various types of internet security systems available. I have searched for all those available internet security systems and i found BullGuard : the best, simple, comfortable and easy-to-use internet security suite with all the functions that fulfill our needs, keeping our system safe and secure from internet breaches, malware, spam etc.

BullGuard Internet Security 12 is a well-known brand in the internet security/antivirus software industry, having been used by over 13 million people over the years. BullGuard’s internet security suite has a good line-up of features and a simple interface which makes it very user-friendly. Of course, the bulldog logo contributes to this image.

BullGuard internet security takes care of each and every member of your family, with a special emphasis on kids. Therefore, we can say that BullGuard is perfact for home usage. In short, using Bullguard’s internet security suite you don’t have to worry about malware and cybercrooks stealing your precious data – you can have a good night’s sleep!

Now we will discuss about the various and very compatible features:

Backup System: In our opinion, this is the strongest feature because Bullguard Internet Security 12 software has the amazing 5 GB of online storage capacity for your data. You can store your precious documents, photos, videos, music, Outlook e-mails,Thunderbird e-mails,Windows live e-mails etc., and you can easily retrive them whenever you want to use them.
Parental Control Module: This is another outstanding and very useful feature for parents. If you’re a parent, using this module you can watch over your child’s internet activities and save them from internet dangers. You can also set a time limit for their internet use. Now you don’t have to monitor your kids all the time while using internet – you just have to take some actions using Bullguard and keep your children away from internet trouble. Also, you’re constantly up-to-date with what exactly is your teen doing while you are away and how much time they spend online.
Antivirus: This includes traditional Signature-based detection that spots known malware and cutting-edge Behavioural-detection technology that spots even the newest types of viruses, keeping you safe. So if there are some unknown spyware or malware attacks on your PC, this technolodgy identifies them by how they behave, based on file, registry, process, and network events. Antivirus also comes with different options like Quick Scan, Full Scan, Custom Scan, and you can get a scan history as well. If any abnormal behaviour is detected, the potential threat is shut off.
Spam Filter: As the name explains, this is the very good spam filter feature of BullGuard Internet Security 12. It will sort all your spam and scam messages in your e-mail inbox, for your peace of mind. With just one click you’ll keep spam messages out of your your system. It’s fully compatible with e-mail systems like Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird and Windows Mail. You can also see safe and unsafe senders using Blacklist and White list.
Firewall : It protects your computer from cybercrimes, online fraud preventing theft of personal information. So you can feel more secure, free and safe to work online. It also allows you to configure firewall rules like Application Rules, Advanced Rules, Low Level Rules, ICMP Rules etc. and see network activity and firewall logs as well.
Safe Browsing: When Surfing the web, BullGuard Internet Security 12 warns you which site is very safe to use and which to avoid. It will check each and every website in your search results and then give you the results of safe and unsafe websites. So, this feature is very helpful in making sure you steer clear of viruses, spam, scams and malware.
Game Mode: We all know that internet security suites or antivirus programs give alerts at specific time intervals. When we play games, these automated scans and updates can be very interrupting. So most of the time we chose to shut off our internet security programs while playing games, thus becoming prey to all sorts of online threats so we can get a decent gaming experience. Now it’s so easy to solve this problem using BullGuard Internet Security12. BullGuard’s Game Mode directs the resources towards the game without compromising your safety.
Vulnerability Scanner: This feature scans your system for out-dated versions of software and recommends you updates for them. This way you’re no longer vulnerable to hackers and viruses. All you have to do is click on the “Run Scanner” option and it will give you a latest updates on outdated software (if needed) – next, you have to click on links it provides you with.
PC Tune up: Whenever you uninstall or delete some software or some program from your system, chances are some unused files are left behind, which may cause your system to run slow. To resolve this problem, Bullguard has the fantastic feature called PC Tune-Up. This feature scans your computer for unnecessary files and space consuming files on your hard disk. When it finds something wrong, it starts cleaning your computer or gives you the option to resolve that problem in order to get efficient and improved performance.
Support: Bullguard’s team offers great assistance, anywhere you may be, anytime 24/7. When you find yourself in trouble, you can get your answer by several types of support like 24/7 Live chat, e-mail, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), product guides, technical guides, Bullguard forum etc. in various languages. You can also follow BullGuard’s Twitter account where you can find interesting industry news and other product information.
Bottom line, this software includes all kinds of security features.

Last but not the least, BullGuard Internet Security 12 is an all-in-one system for you and your family. It’s simple, easy to understand, efficient and very useful. Each and every feature is very useful for the user and any user can easily understand and operate this system.

Well-designed and simple to navigate, BullGuard Internet Security 12 is a comprehensive and impressive set of tools to protect your computer. You can now rest tension-free and take a good sleep with just one click!!