What are Backlinks?(Explained)

Hello Friends, In my this post I am trying to explain what are backlinks , How you get backlinks and also tools for find backlinks of your site.

Backlinks are incoming links to your website that means your site with so many backinks implies that many other sites have your website link on their site.Backlinks are very useful to get traffic to your website. It is also a measurement of popularity or importance of that website or page called Page Rank. Backlinks have so many names like incoming links, inlinks, inbound links and inward links.Number of backlinks are one of the most important factor for determining Search Engine Ranking or Page Rank.

Which backlinks are best for your site?
There are so many factors by which you can decide which backlinks are best but the main and the most important factor is page rank of website from which you are getting backlinks. If you are getting backlinks from high page rank site then it is best to get good search engine ranking for your site.
Second factor is the context of topic and content of your site and also site from which you are getting baclink.Means if your site and your backlink site have discussing same contextual topics and content then that backlinks are good for your site.
Third important factor is anchor text of your backlink means if backlink anchor text is related to your site then this backlink is very good for your site, It is also called good quality backlinks and it helps you to increase your page rank of website.

Tools to see/check backlinks for your site-
There are so many tools available in market to check backlinks but some are not working properly not giving correct results , So I am trying to give you 2 to 3 tools by which you can find correct result of backlinks of your site.

1. Yahoo Site explorer

2. Domain Pop Backlink Checker
3. Link analysis Tool (You have to download tool from here then install it on your server after that you can check backlinks of sites.