– The IGIT Related Posts Widget Plugin allows you to embed related posts into your sidebar or wherver your theme supoorts widgets.

– Related Posts showing by title and content matching, If it not show related posts by title content matching it will search related posts by matching tags and title and if still it is not showing any related posts then it will show random posts.

– This plugin also empowers the Blog administrator to place manually related posts widget, Also having options to give related posts number,Display Thumb or not,Set Thumb Width and Height.

– By using this plugin on your blog you can attract your visitors to other related articles of your blog.

– This plugin is also SEO friendly.

Note : This plugin is showing thumb images which are exists in posts and also exists on same server, Images from remote server are not showing in related posts to prevent bandwidth theft.

Download IGIT Related Posts Widget

1. embed related posts into your sidebar or wherver your theme supoorts widgets

2. Enter Related Posts Number to Show.

3. Option for Display Thumb or not.

4. Option to enter Thumb Width and Height.

= Included Files =

– igit-related-posts-widget.php

– timthumb.php

– inc Folder (contains files for admin and front end)

– images folder

– cache folder

Installation process is a easy 4 step procedure.

Installation process is a easy 4 step procedure.

1. Download the zip folder named

2. Unzip the folder and put it in the plugins directory of your wordpress installation. (wp-content/plugins).

3. Activate the plugin through the plugin window in the admin panel.

4. Go to apperance->widgets and drap and drop IGIT Rel Post widget and configure settings.

* For Step by step check here:


= How can i Change look and feel of widget?

– To Change look and feel and any customization Contact Me here

*NOTE: If you have any other queries or problems regarding the plugin please contact us at: – Contact Me





= 1.0. =
– This is the very first release of the IGIT Related Posts Widget plugin. The code base isn’t all that pretty hence the
possibility of many bugs.

– Users will be informed every time the plugin upgrades.

  • Juampolo

    Thanks Ankur for this work!
    I would like to use it but i am having problems with the Size configuration.
    My featured images are 200 x 130…
    i have configured it on the plugin and on the General Media Configuration for the thumb size… and the images on the widget are still appearing in 100×100 !

    What do you think i am not doing well?


  • I´ve Found the problem Ankur!!!
    Uploading once again all my thumbnails images it solves everything!!! (i am juampolo)

    • Ok juampolo.

      Thanks.Sorry for not replying last time.


  • De3marcko

    I have some problem with this in Opera and Firefox :( ….

  • De3marcko

    I have some problem with this in Opera and Firefox :( ….

  • Garcon

    Are you projecting an update to offer us choice on how it’s relating the posts (by tags, by categories or both combine…etc ? )
    right now I have too many related post irrelevant and I’m sure using the tags only would help solve my issue

  • magento themes

    Good plugins…..Till now i havent used this type of plugins.But I think it will help me.Thanks for sharing.

  • questa è una prova

  • Is it possible to show related posts on the sidebar using the widget but not on the sidebar of the main page? I would just like to show related posts in the sidebar for single posts.

    • Hi Bill,

      It is possible to do this, but I need to change code for it.


  • :)

  • wow what a great plugin

  • Hi,

    Attention : Please upgrade this plugin on your site asap, I have updated timthumb file in new version So please upgrade it asap.


  • if a post doesn’t have a featured image – is it possible for the widget to show a standard set image/graphic that I choose?
    I would love this option!

    L :)

  • Hi, is there a way to get the thumbnails to show up on my homepage? It seems to only show up within each individual article.

    Thanks for the great plugin!

  • Seby

    This plugin is very cool!

  • Mssss

    it should be RANDOM post not RELATED…. what is the algorithm for relation?

    • Looks to me like it just pulls out the posts in the default ID/date order

  • Just downloaded. Thank you :)

  • kieunu

    good plugin

  • WordPressians

    Would you please add the algorithm, I mean how the related post display on the post, to your current article? Is it random post or related post?
    Best Regards!

  • nice plugin i should use right now

  • der

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare
    IGIT_igitwid_image_by_custom_field() (previously declared in
    in /home/wp-content/plugins/igit-related-posts-widget/inc/get-the-image.php on line 125

    I use two your plug in one time i see i cant?