Hello Friends, IGIT Related Posts With Thumb After Posts Plugin is second plugin created by me. By this plugin blog admin can add one widget/section after posts having related posts with thumb image. This plugin also empowers the Blog administrator to place manually related posts widget, Also having options to give related posts number,Display Thumb … Read more

Hello Friends, Hootsuite is the most famous Twitter Client and very user friendly Twitter Client to handle more then one Twitter, Facebook Account and also Facebook Pages. I am also using hootsuite from long time and it is best Twitter Client I ever had.Recently HootSuite has upgraded its permissions structure. You’re now able to share … Read more

Hello Friends, Yesterday I found a good plugin for wordpress blog by which blog looks beautiful after loading and delays loading of images in (long) pages means When we installed this wordpress plugin then it loads images with fading when you scroll down page, You can see that demo on my blog, When you open … Read more

Hello Friends, There are so many good hosting services on internet and DreamHost is one of the best hosting service of them. On internet you will found so many coupon codes having 50$ off on hosting of dreamhost or 40$ off on dreamhost hosting but today hacking ethics brings you coupon code for dreamhost which … Read more

Hello Friends, Mozilla Firefox is the most popular browser on internet, According to browser statistics 46.2% people is using Mozilla Firefox, So who are daily using Mozilla Firefox having so many bookmarks,history,addons and other things in Mozilla Firefox, But when something happens to computer or sometime Mozilla Crashed due to wrong script execution of any … Read more

Hello Friends, Gmail is the very famous email service because it is fast and reliable and having so many features and also adding new features to it day by day. Gmail provide Gmail labs so whenever Gmail launch new feature then it add that feature to Gmail labs, Today Gmail added two new feature in … Read more

Hello friends, As we know that Google is the mostly used search engine and it having so many algorithms for appearing sites in Google Search. There are so many crieteria exists in Google Algorithm to get site good ranking and currently Google pulished on their blog that today they are including a new signal in … Read more

Hello Friends, Panoramic Images is the wide-angle images of any wide-angle view and technique used to take these types of images is called Panoramic photography. Panoramic photography is a technique of photography, using specialized equipment or software, that captures images with elongated fields of view. It is sometimes known as wide format photography. By using … Read more

Hello Friends, The Wi-Fi-only iPad version will be available to customers in the U.S. on April 3. The company didn’t announce a launch date for the iPad model boasting both 3G and Wi-Fi, but it did say that it should hit store shelves in late April. So Chitika ads made one labs page to show … Read more

Hello Friends, WordPress is the most popular blogging script in world and because of wordpress is user friendly, having so many free plugins to add more functionality and also having lots of beautiful free themes many people using it as CMS, or using WordPress as custom website, So at the time of making CMS or … Read more