Digg Digg – A WordPress Plugin For All Essential Social Media Voting Buttons

Hello Friends, I am having three to four blogs and for every blog i have installed different plugins to get Social Media Voting buttons, Like to get TweetMeme button I installed TweetMeme Plugin, for Google Buzz Voting I installed Buzrr.com plugin etc. It is very frsutating process to installed different plugins for different voting buttons on different blogs, So I want one plugin which bring all essential Social Media Voting buttons on my blogs. Yesterday i was searching for a this type of plugin that have all essential social media voting buttons and I found one Plugin which have all social media button Voting buttons facility.

Digg Digg is WordPress plugin which have All social vote buttonsDigg, Reddit, dDone, Yahoo Buzz, TweetMeme(twitter), fbshare(facebook), Polladium, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Sphinn, Post comments, Google Buzz, Designbump, Designfloat and WebBlend. So by installing this plugin we will get all these Social Media Voting buttons on our site by Selecting from admin section.

This plugin having good options to customize display button on site.I am explaining features available in admin.

1. Buttons allow display in – This option is used to show where your selected buttons will show. There are four options available in this:

– Home page (Tick this option if you want to show selected buttons on home page.)

– Post pages (Tick this option if you want to show selected buttons on Post pages .)

– Category pages (Tick this option if you want to show selected buttons on Category pages.)

– Static pages (Tick this option if you want to show selected buttons on Static pages.)

– Archive pages (Tick this option if you want to show selected buttons on Archive pages.)

2. Buttons line up in – This option having two options to select – Horizontal and Vertical. If you want to show all buttons vertically then select vertical and if you want to show horizontally then select Horizontal.

3. Buttons Setup – This is the main part of this plugin in which you have to setup dispaly of your favourite buttons on your site. Currently it is having 15 websites voting buttons with some options to show on website. Explanation of its options :

Integration Type – Select Before Content if you want to show that button before content of your post and select After content if you want to show button after content of your blog.

Button Design – Select Normal if you want to show normal button for that site and select compact if you want to show small/compact button for that site.Sphinn, DesignBump & TheWebBlend don’t have compact mode button.

Advance Usage of Digg Digg Plugin:

1) If you want to disable thiss plugins in some posts or page then to disable the digg digg buttons, just put “<!– Digg Digg Disabled –>” in your selected pages or posts.

2) In this plugin all buttons are construct in HTML table format so you can customize the CSS table style in “../plugin-folder/digg-digg/diggdigg-style.css”

3) If you want to put buttons manually(Like my site) then put the button to anywhere you want , copy and paste the following code into your php file, eg. single.php. All functions accept button style as argument, ‘Normal’ or ‘Compact’.Twitter accept one more argument as source.

– digg_digg_generate(‘Normal’); //Generate Digg only
– digg_digg_reddit_generate(‘Normal’); //Generate Reddit only
– digg_digg_dzone_generate(‘Normal’); //Generate Dzone only
– digg_digg_ybuzz_generate(‘Normal’); //Generate Yahoo Buzz only
– digg_digg_twitter_generate(‘Normal’,’hackingethics’); //Generate Twitter only
– digg_digg_fbshare_generate(‘Normal’); //Generate Facebook only
– digg_digg_poll_generate(‘Normal’); //Generate Polladium only
– digg_digg_stumbleupon_generate(‘Normal’); //Generate Stumbleupon only
– digg_digg_delicious_generate(‘Normal’); //Generate Delicious only
– digg_digg_sphinn_generate(‘Normal’); //Generate Sphinn only
– digg_digg_post_comments_generate(); //Generate Post Comments only
– digg_digg_gbuzz_generate(); //Generate Google Buzz only
– digg_digg_designbump_generate(‘Normal’); //Generate Design Bump only
– digg_digg_designfloat_generate(‘Normal’); //Generate Design Float only
– digg_digg_webblend_generate(‘Normal’); //Generate The Web Blend only

Download WordPress Digg Digg Plugin

If you have any questions regarding this button then post it in comment. Also if you want to put buttons like my site and customize your blog then you can contact me.