– The IGIT Follow Me After Post Button Plugin helps Blog administrators to add one button of their twitter profile after every post and every page.
– This plugin also empowers the Blog administrator to enter username of twitter profile, option to show or not show twitter button after post and also options to select different types of twitter button images to show after post/page.
– By using this plugin on your blog your twitter followers counts increased rapidly.

Download IGIT Follow Me After Post

= Major Features =
– By using this plugin on your blog your twitter followers counts increased rapidly.

= Included Files =

– follow-me-aft-every-pst.php
– Includes Folder (contains files for html-helpers and twitter-images-data)

== Installation ==
Installation process is a easy 4 step procedure.
1. Download the zip folder named igit-followme-after-post-btn.zip
2. Unzip the folder and put it in the plugins directory of your wordpress installation. (wp-content/plugins).
3. Activate the plugin through the plugin window in the admin panel.
4. Go to setting->Follow Me After Post to set your twitter profile username and image button to show.

– NOTE: If you have any other queries or problems regarding the plugin please contact us.

== Changelog ==
= 1.0. =
– This is the very first release of the IGIT Follow Me After Post Button plugin. The code base isn’t all that pretty hence the possibility of many bugs.

== Upgrade Notice ==
– Users will be informed every time the plugin upgrades.

== Screenshots ==
1. Follow me button admin panel

Follow me button admin panel
Follow me button admin panel

2. Follow me button after every post

Download IGIT Follow Me After Post

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    Did you mean to insert a “Php Freelancer” automatic link in this plugin? Because that really messed up my formatting and excerpts, not to mentions it’s a touch underhanded to try to throw your own link within each post.

    • http://www.b2bchannelblog.com paolo

      I get the Php Freelancer link only in mobile format but I agree… Ankur shoud have warned users about this… It’s a pitty because the plugin is very nice.

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    I try to use this plugin on my blog and I got error message in admin area. But another my blog can use this plugin.

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