Hello Friends, There are so many sites, software, API to send tweets to Twitter but today I am going here to list wesites which tweets your blog posts automatically when you any new post on your blog. This websites take your feedurl and then tweet latest post submitted to your authenticated twitter account. I found … Read more

Hello Friends, We all know that twitter is having one simple home page in which it is showing Trending topics, Search and Login and register. But recently Twitter has changed its home page by changing some colors and also added new features on its home page. Twitter has changed its home page and added new … Read more

Hello Friends, As we know that Twitter is treasure of information and knowledge and So many times we have to search all tweets to get some more important news or some important kind of information at that time we want to search all tweets to get information. So to search twitter and find tweets I … Read more

Hello Friends, Day by Day Twitter is growing and tats why so many new Desktop and Web Application available for Twitter for different purposes. Today i found one website or web application which is showing you TweetPals and their tweets exists near by your location for e.g I am living in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India So … Read more

Hello Friends, I am daily using twitter and i am addicted to twitter and as you know Twitter got some security holes and also two phishing attacks before. Today i got one new DM in this some one send me one link and tell me that some one on internet writes about you. I deleted … Read more

Hello Friends, Twitter was tageted by so many hackers by DDOS attack and also DNS compromised attacks and now from couple of weeks twitter hits by two big phishing attacked The BZPharma Phishing attack and recently growing phishing attack on twitter is This You???? according to security experts over at Sophos, the latest one is … Read more

Hello Friends, Yesterday i found one intersting thing by which we can access Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed and Google Buzz in Gmail that means Facebook , Twitter,Friendfeed and Google Buzz all in one (in Gmail). Gmail has so many labs features by which we can add so many functionality in Gmail, So yesterday i read about … Read more