Wordpress Development

WordPress Include Or Exclude Post Formats

Hi Friends, As I explained in my last posts that WordPress have 9 post formats and how you can use them in your theme. Now sometimes we have requirements that we have 9 post types but need to show post for only selected post formats. So in this article I am explaining you how you can get post from particular…

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Automatic Database Optimizing Or Repair Database Automatically Of WordPress

Hi Friends, Somedays ago I was searching to optimize wordpress blog database optimizaation tips to improve performance of wordpress site. I got so many tips and plugins by which we can optimize database but finally I got one tip in which I came to know that WordPress itself providing “Automatic Database Optimizing” functionality by which database of wordpress site automatically…

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Page Rank Update – HackingEthics.com Got 5 Page Rank

Hi Friends, Google recently updated page rank today on 27th June 2011 and its time check your google page rank now. I have three websites and for all websites page rank updated. My this site http://www.hackingethics.com got 5 page rank. Before page rank update I was having 4 page rank but now got 5 page rank. My this site http://php-freelancer.in…

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Move (Copy) Div From One Place To Another Using jQuery

Hi Friends,Yesterday I needed to move one of my “Inactive” record to “Active” records section when once I click on selectbox and change the record to “Active” status. I can do it by creating new HTML and append it to Active records list. But i came to know about Clone functionality of jQuery, Which is best thing to move or…

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