How To Use URL Rewriting Or SEO Friendly URL In Magento

Hi Friends, I was working on WordPress from long time as PHP WordPress Developer and mostly cover all sections of WordPress development, But recently I got opportunity to work with Magento which is best e-commerce software available in market. Magento is too big and having lots of things in it, So at start we must feel little bit difficult to learn but once we got rhythm with it all things become very smooth and fast. So when I started working with Magento I Installed it and then my step is to make URL SEO friendly or use URL rewriting for magento e-commerce site. So in this article I am explaining you URL rewriting in Magento or How to use SEO friendly URL in magento.

If you can’t login to admin panel of Magento then read this : Magento Can’t Login Into Admin Panel In Latest Version And Old Version

So below are steps to enable URL rewriting or SEO friendly URL in Magento :

1. First check that mod_rewrite is enable or not on your server. If mod_rewrite is not enable on server then talk with hosting support to make it enable. If you are using apache server and having access to root then you can enable mod_rewrite by your own. To learn how to enable mod_rewrite read this : How To Enable .htaccess Or Rewrite Mode On Apache

2. Now in this step remember while installing magento on server, Dont forget to check check box for URL rewriting.

3. After completing installation of magento on Server, login to admin, Go to System, then Index Management and then check all checkboxes there and Select Reindex from dropdown and save it.

Isn’t it simple?? Yes, your Magento site is now SEO friendly and having SEO friendly URL. I think it is easiest way to implement Magento URL Rewriting. If you know any better way then let me know in comment.

I hope this post helpful for someone. If you have any question then you can ask me anytime or post it in comment.

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