Top 8 Best Free Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is a valuable tool that can help content creators to develop the kinds of sites they would like to produce, irregardless of the specific parameters of the web destination. One of the best parts about WordPress is simply that it can be used to build a huge assortment of different sites, since it is so customizable and versatile. There are plenty of incredible plugins available for the platform, all of which can help webmasters to hone in on their development skills, working to create destinations that users will love. The following 8 plugins are some of the best of the best…and of course, they are all free to use, which makes them even better!

Broken Link Checker
If you have ever visited a web destination and discovered that the links you have been given do not work, you know how frustrating this phenomenon can be. You do not want to anger your audience or make them leave your site, so you will want to avoid broken links whenever possible. The Broken Link Checker does all of the work for you, looking for links that aren’t valid and providing you with input that can help you improve old posts.

In the blogosphere, the easiest way to gain steam quickly is to have your readers do the hard work for you: get the word out. Sociable gives you the tools needed to easily and quickly add links to the bottom of all of your posts. In turn, your readers can distribute your content amongst their friends and acquaintances online, helping you to gain more readers.

WP Touch
With more and more users accessing the Internet from their mobile devices, you simply cannot afford to have a website that cannot be viewed on one of these phones or tablets. Of course, developing a mobile site can take a lot of time and effort, leading some web masters to abandon the idea altogether. If you were once in that camp, you will soon change over when you start using WP Touch, a perfect plugin that turns your site into an easy-to-use destination for mobile viewers.

Twitter Widget Pro
Most webmasters are already active on Twitter. If you are one of them, you will no doubt want to share that content with your readers. Enter the Twitter Widget Pro, a simple tool that makes it exceptionally easy to place your tweets on your page and let your readers see what you’ve been up to.

Contact Form 7
It’s important to give your readers a way to interact with you, and what could be better than a contact form? Rather than wasting your breath developing a unique contact form of your own, simply downloading the Contact Form 7 plugin. With a few simple inputs, you could easily have a contact form on your site.

Digg Digg
Ready to integrate with Digg? Simply use this simple plugin to add sharing buttons in a flash to your site. A scrolling share bar is an added bonus of Digg Digg.

All in One SEO Pack
SEO is an important process that you simply can not afford to overlook when trying to design a hot web destination. The All in One SEO Pack takes the guess-work out for you, optimizing your site automatically. For users who choose to do so, there is also a paid upgrade available for this plugin.

No Self Pings
Sick and tired of pings from your own site? This simple plugin allows you to prevent them from ever occurring again. Simply activate No Self Pings and your pings will disappear for good.

This article is written by Kevin Moor, who also writes for trojanalert[.]net, a website emphasizing Trojan reviews.