How To Add Lazy Loading To WordPress (Page Fading Like Mashable)

Hello Friends, Yesterday I found a good plugin for wordpress blog by which blog looks beautiful after loading and delays loading of images in (long) pages means When we installed this wordpress plugin then it loads images with fading when you scroll down page, You can see that demo on my blog, When you open any post or my home page first it is showing my home page properly but when you scroll down then you will see my page images is loading with fading effects, Same thing you can see on Mashable blog.

This plugin name is Lazy Loder, Lazy loader delays loading of images in (long) pages. Images below the fold (far down in the page) wont be loaded before user scrolls down.Using lazy load on long pages containing heavy image content makes page feels snappier. Browser is in ready state after loading visible images. No need to wait for unknown amount of pictures to load.This plugin is very useful for those blogs which is having so many images and taking so much time to load.

It is very easy to install in wordpress blog. below are the steps to install this plugin.

1. Download plugin by link given below :

Download jQuery Image Lazy Load Plugin

2. Unzip the archive file.

3. Upload the unzipped folder to the root of your WordPress “plugins” folder.

4. Activate the “jQuery Image Lazy Load” plugin in your website’s plugin administration page.

5. You have done it.

Now when you can check your blog.If you not able to see this lazy load effects then try to clear cache if you are using Wp-Super Cache or WP- Total Cache plugin and then try to reload your site again, It will work or Still you are getting problem and it is not working then you can Contact Me, I also was getting so much problem and I solved it. So Contact Me to solve your problem in this plugin.