This You???? New Phishing Attack Hits Twitter

Hello Friends, Twitter was tageted by so many hackers by DDOS attack and also DNS compromised attacks and now from couple of weeks twitter hits by two big phishing attacked The BZPharma Phishing attack and recently growing phishing attack on twitter is This You???? according to security experts over at Sophos, the latest one is no different then previous.Below are the videos of phishing attacks

The attack spreads via messages with the text “This you????”. This message followed by a link that sends the user to a fake Twitter login page. So Don’t fall for the trick and and check URL in the browser address bar. If you enter your user name and password there,then you’re not actually logging into Twitter, you’re just sending your user name and password to the phishing attacker.

If you suspect you’ve fallen victim of this attack, you should change your Twitter password immediately. Check out a video demonstration of the attack (created by Sophos) below.

Check out a video demonstration of the previous attack The BZPharma ‘LOL this is funny’ (created by Sophos) below.