Google Chrome Add Ons or Extensions Out Officially

Some times ago Google had released its browser Google Chrome which was very light weight and also have capability to load websites faster then any other browser. At that time Google Chrome was in beta phase and also don’t have so much features. So to add more features or to add more functionality Google introduced add ons or extensions functionality in Google Chrome like Mozilla Firefox by adding add ons you can add more functionality to your browser and make surfing easy.

Google has just officially introduced Google Chrome add ons or extensions gallery in which so many add ons are exists by which you can add more functionlity to Google Chrome browser. So click on below link to check out Google Chrome Add ons Gallery.

Go to Google Chrome Add ons Gallery
There are so many add ons in this gallery. You can also sort it by Most Popular, Most Recent, Top rated or Featured and after that reading the description of add on you can install it in Google Chrome. Installing add ons in Google Chrome is too easy.

1. Open Google Chrome Add ons Gallery in Google Chrome.

2. After that find add on you want to install in Google Chrome by sorting it to Most Popular, Most Recent, Top rated or Featured.

3. After finding add ons Click on blue “Install” button.

4. After clicking blue “Install” button one prompt box will open to ask about “Confirm Installation”.

5. Click on Install button to install your add on.

6. No need to restart Google Chrome. Installed add on start working without starting Google Chrome.

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