Scrap in one click in Orkut (Fast Scrap in orkut)

OrkutOrkut a very famous social networking site has an option by which you send messages to friends and other members and also see scraps or messages sent to you by friends and other members called scrapbook. Sometimes it is too hard to send scraps to your friends because it take 3 steps to send scraps Now for those people who want to scrap many times in a minute, here is a trick to send fast scraps to your friends:

First of all you must have mozilla firefox to do this so if you don’t have mozilla firefox then you can download it from here Download Mozilla Firefox. Now after downloadingĂ‚ firefox,
Click here to Install this script (addon) and it will allow you to scrap back just in one click rather than

the traditional 2 step + 1 click scrapping. This not only saves time, but also helps you keep things contextual.