Google Launches Language Translation Bots for Google Talk

google_talkHello Friends, Today I am sharing some information which I have found few days ago when I am searching on google about Google Talk (Google Messenger) that Google has launched Google Talk Language Translation Bots by which you can translate one language to other language by Google Talk. Now you are thinking that how it is possible, Here I am explaning how it is possible. Google Team announced translation bots for many languages to translate by Google Talk interface. Here are the codes for 26 Google Translation Bots.

Code Code Language Combination
ar2en en2ar Arabic – English
bg2en en2bg Bulgarian – English
cs2en en2cs Czech – English
da2en en2da Danish – English
de2en en2de German – English
de2fr fr2de German – French
el2en en2el Greek – English
es2en en2es Spanish – English
fi2en en2fi Finnish – English
fr2en en2fr French – English
hi2en en2hi Hindi – English
hr2en en2hr Croatian – English
it2en en2it Italian – English
ja2en en2ja Japanese – English
ko2en en2ko Korean – English
nl2en en2nl Dutch – English
no2en en2no Norwegian – English
pl2en en2pl Polish – English
pt2en en2pt Portuguese – English
ro2en en2ro Romanian – English
ru2en en2ru Russian – English
sv2en en2sv Swedish – English
zh2en en2zh Chinese – English
zh-hant2en en2zh-hant Traditional Chinese – English
zh-hant2zh zh2zh-hant Traditional Chinese – Chinese

Now if you want to use this Google Service for Google talk then select combination of your two languages then select code for it and then add to it. After that add it to in your Google talk as a contact (web interface or the application). For example , If you want to translate English to Hindi then select code for Hindi and English combination i.e en2hi (en stands for English and hi stands for Hindi languages that means en2hi means English to Hindi Translate) or if you want to translate Hindi to English language then also you have to select same language combination Hindi and English combination but now you want Hindi to English Translation so you have to select hi2en code (hi2en means Hindi to English). After selecting your code just add to it means if you selected en2hi code then add to it which results , add it to your Google Talk as a contact and then it will also add you. After that you will see in your Google Talk friend list as a friend. So click on it and start type in your language , Whatever you type there it will translate it to your other language means If I type in English then it will return that text in Hindi.

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  • shahi

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